Cars change color film matte | modified whole vehicle body interior carbon fiber car stickers change color film roof membrane

Cars change color film matte | modified whole vehicle body interior carbon fiber car stickers change color film roof membrane

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Jasmine Love
  • Name: matt change color film
  • Change color film Type: matt film
  • Material: PVC
  • Color Classification: matt film * 0.3 m * 1.52 m (color please leave a message) matte black 1 m * 1.52 m 1 m * 1.52 matte black light white Mia Mia 1 m * 1.52 1.52 * 1 meter light silver light Mia Tiffany blue Mia 1 m * 1.52 1.52 * 1 meter light gold light orange Mia Mia 1 m * 1.52 1.52 * 1 meter light blue light blue Bohemia 1 m * 1.52 Mia light blue 1 m * 1.52 Mia light Rose 1 meter * 1.52 * 1 meter light powder Mia Mia 1.52 1.52 * 1 meter light brown light purple Mia Mia 1 m * 1.52 1.52 * 1 meter light red light green 1 Mia Mia light m * 1.52 yellow 1 m * 1.52 m light black · with protective film 0.3 m * 1.52 m light black · with protective film 1 m * 1.52 m light white · with protective film 1 m * 1.52 m chameleon 0.3 m * 1.52 m chameleon 1 m * 1.52 Meter

Tips: Camouflage and light series of half a meter can not be sold - thank you for your support and understanding!

Change color film profile

Specifications: 1.52mX20 / 30m,

Material: PVC (called vinyl polymeric material is a non-crystalline material with non-flammable, high strength, weather resistance, moisture-proof, anti-aging characteristics)

Glue: solvent polypropylene

Temperature: -50 to 110 ℃

Construction temperature: 20 Dao 25 ​​℃


1, arbitrary change the body color painting.

2, compared with the whole car paint, change color film construction is simple, to better protect the integrity of the vehicle; the colors greater autonomy and does not exist in different parts of the same color chromatic aberration trouble.

3, if you want to restore the original paint, simply go to the construction shop yer film.


Vehicle affixing: superior product quality and construction techniques to achieve vehicle car stickers cover the whole surface, perfectly streamlined body.

Flexibility song slip: the structure of polymer products bring superior flexibility, performance, can achieve the desired arc at any twists and turns, the full expression of body surface soft texture.

Durable: nanometer production technology, product delicate close, with a strong anti-wear durability, lasting and stable sense of color, do not change color does not fade.

Crystal color: color more sparkling, natural color gentle, perfectly transparent body texture.

Isolated Corrosion: resistant to weak acid, weak base erosion and diversion of petroleum products, effective protection against damage to cars in rain, mist and harmful gases in the environment, while blocking the sun's rays, keeping the original paint luster embellish bright.

Wear resistance, scratch: Auto repair minor scratches · Bridging.

Paint protection: in the vehicle beautifying effect, but also play a role in protecting the paint against oxidation damage paint, etc., to protect the original paint gloss and durability;

Conservation convenient: waxing may be appropriate to reduce the number of times without sealing glaze coating, saving maintenance costs related to recommend the use of liquid wax;.

Green: does not finish, and the body naturally produce any side effects, green.


1, which may affect the construction of advance disassembled parts.

2, after the body finished overall processing, cut car film will begin.

3, crude trimmed car membrane attached to the vehicle body

4, after the construction is completed, the film will be very docile affixed to the vehicle body, then it should be further amended, and that according to the shape of the body, fine cut out a corresponding shape.

5, after all the work done, need to do a final inspection after completion of vehicle stickers to check the situation of each site, especially the corners, it was found bubbling to deal with immediately.

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