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600W DC 12V to AC 220V USB Mobile Car Power-Inverter converter

600W DC 12V to AC 220V USB Mobile Car Power-Inverter converter
  • 600W DC 12V to AC 220V USB Mobile Car Power-Inverter converter
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1) Input Voltage: DC12V
2) Output Voltage: AC220V
3) Continuous Power output: battery clamps 600W
4) Surge Power Capacite: 1200W
5) Output Wavefrom: Pure Sine Wave
6) Frequency: 4% 50Hz
7) Availability Power: no more than 90.5%
8) LOW Voltage Range: more than DC9.6V
9) Hige Voltage Range: more than DC14.8V
10) No Load current: no less than 0.4A
11) Over Load Protect: more than 600W
12) Over Heat Protect : more than60 degree
13) fuse: 4X20A
14) fans: yes
15) USB output: 5V 500mA
User Manual of Power Inverter (small)
Thank you for purchasing Mein inverter ! No matter connector to Autos cig lighter socket or other 12v or 24v batteries , can it supply sound AC power for household appliances, official equipments and other electrical devices, such as , TV sets, Electric fan, Refrigerator, lighting lamps, DVD, Amplifier, Audio, Video cam, electrical tools.
fax simile, Photocopy machine , laptop. It is a necessity at field operation, driving travelling, mobile office and
power-off emergency, which become the best solution to the urgent demand of power supply on the occasions
of driving and power shortage . Please read the guide book carefully before use.
1 Product Characteristics
Adopted with advanced PWM chip technology, it is turned to be small, light, quiet and of high conversion efficiency.
It has multi circuits protection, securely protecting your appliances and car circuit. Its output port is conformed to
all countries's standards. And , we add 5v USB output charge socket on 60W~400W inverters, can charge appliances with USB port, such as MP3, digital camera, and mobile phone.
2 Operation environments:
1: Dry, Do not expose to water or spray.
2: Cool, Operate only in ambient temperatures between 0C and 45C.
3: Ventilated, Allow at least 5cm around the inverter are clean and well ventilated.
3 Caution:
1: The input voltage of the inverter is in conformity with the battery specified voltage.
2: The voltage of the appliance corresponnds with the inverter specified output voltage.
3: Distinguish the polarities of the cigarette power cord or the crocodile clips. The red one is '+', the black one is '-', otherwise may damage the inverter.
4: The bigger the power of the appliance is , the faster the depletion of the battery's power will be and the bigger the capacity of the battery should be .
5: The AC output socket of the inverter can only supply electricity, connection to the domain electrical network from the power plant is not allowed.
4: Operation ways
1: Assure the power of the appliances is under the the rated output power.
2: Put the switch on the 'OFF/ O'Positon, insert the appliance's plug into the socket of the inverter, plug of the cigarette light into the car's cigarette light socket. Assure them connect correctly. (Caution: The car's cigarette light port only apply power under 200W; when excess of it, please use the crocodile clip cords, connect the sun terminal of the cord to the posts of the inverter. The red connect to the 'red', the black to the 'black'; connect the other end of the cord with the crocodile clip to the posts of the battery, red to the '+', black to the '-'.)
3: Put the switch on the position of 'ON', the green light is on, the inverter begins to work.
4: When the green light AC/ OUT is flashing and the alarm beeps with inverterval, it means the inverter is under the protection situation. Please turn off the switch, check if it is overload or short circuit, check if the unput voltage of the battery is abnormal, restart an use it after the problem is solved.
5. Instruction for charge
1: When the power is depleted, charge the battery as soon as possible, insert the plug of the power cord into the AC110~240 socket , the other end into the inverter's AC input port, charge it about 5-15 hours (According to the battery's capacity, the bigger the capacity is , the longer the charge time is , the charge is in stable mode with fixed voltage and current, when the battery is full, protection effects automatically.) .till the CH/ Fu lights off, which means the battery is full. Only inverters with revert-charge function can charge the battery, the models are: CH-500W GH-800W CH-1000W CH-1500W CH-2000W CH-2500W CH-3000W.
2: During charging, the cooling fan speed will change with the ambient temperature (the higher the temperature is , the faster the speed is , on the contrary, the lower the temperature is, the slovwer the speed is , eventually stop running.)