175mm*113mm Black Universal Silicone Rubber Skid Proof Mat

175mm*113mm Black Universal Silicone Rubber Skid Proof Mat

Product description:


1, You can put your key, sunglasses, cell phone, cigarette, coins and other scrap things on it to prevent them from sliding when you are driving.

2, You can put the cell phone vertically to view the map when you are driving. It is easily to touch the screen of the phone.

3, The car skidproof mat will become clean again after being washed in water.

4, It not only is a car skidproof mat but also is a car decoration.

5, it is the mat and ornament.

How to Use:

1. It is very convernient to use in car, just put it on horizontal surface.

2. If you are going to use it on the slope, please fix it with double side adhesive tape.


For the sake of safety the following places not suitable for installation

1, hinder the air-pocket effect place

2, manual transmission, automatic transmission.

3, the soles of the feet

4, effects of sight

5, children easily touch.

Package include:

2 pcs holder + 2 pcs anti slip pad