Wholesale 520TVL Night Vision mini camera

Wholesale 520TVL Night Vision mini camera

Product description:

It's an ultra small high definition Mini Micro Camera with excellent night vision.

Size is 16X16X10.5mm only, Weight is 3g! Very easy to install and conceal.

Minimum illumination is 0.008lux, which can view clearly in almost complete darkness.

Full TV system. Applicable worldwide.

Use for Home and Business Security, Shops, Pubs and Restaurants, Building Sites, Warehouses, Boats, Marine Use, Sports use, Wildlife, Farms, Stables and Kennels, Surveillance and Covert use, Nursery and child care, Firearm.


1) Mini Micro Camera can be used directly with a standard TV/ VCR or RCA video monitor;

2) To view more than one CCTV camera on your TV/ VCR you will need a quad or multiplexer;

3) To view on your computer or laptop you will need a DVR card or USB;

4) A standalone system that records is a standalone DVR;

5) Wired Mini Micro Camera can add a 2.4GHz wireless transmitter module, then it can work with wireless receivers.