Wholesale 1804T 4-CH Active Video Balun

Wholesale 1804T 4-CH Active Video Balun

Product description:

With 1800 transmit distance for cctv camera and DVR
Full motion CCTV video at long distance (maximum of 3000ft)
Built-in linearity, sharpness and chroma control
Enable unparalleled common interferences rejection
Built-in transient protection
Improves picture definition when connected to DVR or quad and reduces noise effects
Detailed product descriptions:
Active CCTV video receiver (transmits)
Transient protection
High quality image
Transmitter via UTP CAT5
4-channel active CCTV video receiver
Video transmission via UTP CAT5
Outstanding interference rejection
Transient protection
Good-quality image
Farthest transmission distance will be 2400m/ 8000ft if it is used with passive transceiver
Net weight: 485g/ piece