Wholesale 7001 Passive Video Balun

Wholesale 7001 Passive Video Balun

Product description:

Built in a highly balanced mode of video Transmission, which is immune to inte to Interference from these, and other sourses of noise.
Data signals, other video signals, Nearby power, Ringing telephones, Fluorescent lights, Transformers, And more.
Total weight: 89g

Size: 17*11.5*2.5cm
Color: Black
Video Input / Output: BNC
Video Signal: 1V p-p. 75 Ohms
Transmission Distance: Video Color: 300M / 1000Ft; B&W: 500M / 1600Ft; Power: 200M / 600Ft
Cable: UTP / Twisted Pair CAT5 (24AWG)
Data Wire: 2 Wire Bare Load
Lighting Protection: 1KV (10/700us)
Max Current: 1.5A
Frequency Response: DC-8MHZ
Working Temprature: -10℃-70℃
Storage Temprature: -30℃-70℃
Applicable: All of CCTV system
Distance: B/ W 750M color 600m
Connector: RJ45: 100 Ohms, BNC: 75 Ohms.
Dimensions: 50mm*26mm*20mm*25
Other illustration
Wire type required: UTP or LSZH (Please use standard UTP or LSZH, or the quality of wire will influence the effect of transmission images and transmission distances directly.
Characteristic impedance: 100Ω±20Ω
Direct current circuit resistance: 18Ω/ 100meter
Differential capacitance: 67pf / meter (Maximum)

Not waterproof and not to be used outdoors.
Do not operate the device with wet hands.
If using T568A standard, make sure the other end is matched to T568A.
If using T568B standard, make sure the other end is matched to T568B

Package included:
1 X 7001 passive video balun with video