Wholesale 101PVD Passive Video Balun

Wholesale 101PVD Passive Video Balun

Product description:

1. single channel Power, Video and Data or audio transmitter and receiver with LED light
2. Video transmission Via UTP CAT5
3. Outstanding interference rejection
4. Transient protection
5. Exceptional Interference Rejection
6. High quality image
7. Transmit Distance: Video: Color 300M , B&W 500M , Power: 200M, Data: 300M
Video Singal Band: 250MHz
Video Balance Band: 0-6MHz
Transmitter Distance:
Video Transmitter Distance up to 300m/ 1000ft
Power Transmitter Distance up to 250m/ 750ft
Surege Protection: 2KV Common mode; 2KV Differential mode (10/700us)
Video Protection Standard: IEC61000-4-5/1995
Suggested Cable: UTP CAT 5E
Gross Weight: 150g
Net Weight: 117
1. Color video transmission up to 300m/ 1000ft.
2. Power transmission uo to 250m/ 750ft.
3. It support power supply on 12V DC or 24V AC.
4. Compatible with singlwe power transceiver and power supply hub.
5. Built-in surge&transicent protection.

1. It is not waterproof and not to be used outdoor.
2. Do not operate the device with wet hands.
3. If using T568A standard, make sure the other end is matched to T568A.
4. If using T568B standard, make sure the other end is matched to T568B.
Package Included:
1 X 101PVD Passive Video Balun With Video