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Wholesale 204N CCTV Twisted Pair Video Balun

Wholesale 204N CCTV Twisted Pair Video Balun
  • Wholesale 204N CCTV Twisted Pair Video Balun
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1. Full motion CCTV video at long distance
2. Built-in linearity, Sharpness and Chronma control
3. Enable unparalleled common interference rejection
4. Built-in transient Protection
5. Improve the picture definition when connnect to DVR or Quad, and reduce noice affects.


Frequebcy Response: DC 8Hz
Common-mode rejection: 60DB
Working Temperature: -10 degree to -70 degree
Storage Temperature: -30 degree to -70 degree
Suitable for NTCS, PAL, SECAM, CCIR
Impedance: 100-20% TO 100+20%
DC Loop resistance: 18/100
Differential capacititance: 62pf/ m (Max)
Total Weight: 162g
Net Weight: 118g
Color: Silvery


1. Lever: gainsetting swicth onactive transmitter (LLT301T / LLT302T/ LLT401T) ,which has three modes as L, M, H. It can be adjusted according to distance and can change
single intensity.
2. Sharp: image compensation switch on active receiver (LLT301R/ LLT302R/ LLT401R/ 1610R) ,which has 16 kinds of setting methods acccording to different distance. It can
efficintly improve image defition.
3. Bright: brightness adjusting pot on active receiver, which can respectively adjust video single intensity of every channel.
Do nothing but set and adjust Lever, sharp and bright seriously, so you can achieve the best image effect.

Package Included:

1 X 204N Twisted Pair Video Balun.