Wholesale RJ11 Surge Protector

Wholesale RJ11 Surge Protector

Product description:

Compact design: a small and compact standalone product, no additional components needed, Plug-and-play
Cat5/ Cat5e compatible
Integral mounting bracket
Operating voltage: data 5V, PoE 48V
Clamping voltage: data 7.5V, PoE 70V
Maximum surge discharge current: 5kA (8 to 20uS)
Peak pulse current: 100A (10 to 1000uS)
Pin protected: all 8 pins (signal pairs and spare pairs)
Protection mode: differential and common mode
Insulation impedance: ) 1000m ohms
Data rate: 100Mbps
Impulse protected voltage: ( 650V
Response time: (5nS
Operating temperature: -20 to +60 degree Celsius
Storage temperature: -40 to +80 degree Celsius
Dimensions: 68 x 25 x 25mm
Weight: 68g
Ground lug wire: 18AWG