Wholesale 1610R 16-channel Active Video Balun Receiver

Wholesale 1610R 16-channel Active Video Balun Receiver

Product description:

Main features:
Full motion CCTV video at long distance (max 3000ft)
Built-in linearity, sharpness and chroma control
Enables unparalleled common interferences rejection
The device is capable of receiving and transmitting video signals over UTP wire
Can be used with DVR/ quad, easy to transfer camera video and PTZ control signal over long distance
Enables cost-effective, point to point transmission application
Adapts twisted pair wiring, which is low cost and easily obtainable
With noise interference restrain design and permitting stable image
Built-in transient protection design, needless to use a ground connection
Each channel has two video out (BNC)
Specs: 16CH active
Frequency response: DC 6MHz
Common mode/ differential mode rejection: 15-6kHz 60dB type
Audio: no
Male BNC: 75Ω UTP (screwless) terminal block
UTP RJ45 data connector: 100Ω
Wire type: one unshielded twisted pair 24-16AWG (0.5-1.31mm)
Video signal: DC loop resistance 52 ohms per 1000ft (18 ohms per 100m)
Power: AC 220V
Surge suppression: 6000V 1.2μs x 50μs
BNC coax: 75Ω
UTP/ connector: 100Ω or RJ-45 100Ω
Control: brightness and sharpness
UTP port: terminal block
Temperature: 0 to 50°C
Humidity: 0 to 95%
Dimensions: 432 x 185 x 44mm