Wholesale Multi-function 5V\9V\12V Rechargeable battery pack YSD-998

Wholesale Multi-function 5V\9V\12V Rechargeable battery pack YSD-998

Product description:

A useful battery pack will power a camera and mic for over 24 hours on a full charge. Can be used with a power splitter to power more than one camera at a time. Small and flat, easily fits inside a pocket. This is a very reliable battery pack and we really recommend it for use with our cameras.

Features and Benefit

-High quality All-In-One (12V, 9V, 5V) Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack
-Made of ten 1800mAh cylindrical 55950 cells with poly switch for full protection
-Light weight and higher energy density than any rechargeable battery
-No memory effect and rechargeable
-Longer storage life than NiMH battery
-Built-in IC chip will prevent battery pack from over charge and over discharge and prolongs battery life
-Perfect for building 12V, 9V, or 5V battery pack for CCD cameras, CMOS cameras, RC toy, robots, laptopand DVD external battery etc.

Technical Specifications

-Capacity: 12V 6500mAh; 9V 8500mAh; 5V 15000mAh
- Voltage Input: 12.6V DC
- Voltage Output: 12.6V - 4.8V DC
- Dimensions 12.6cm x 7.3cm x 2.5cm
- Weight 10.0 oz
- Max. charge current 1C (2.0A)
- Max. discharge current 2.5C (5A)
- Cut off voltage 12V

Main Accessories

1. 12V&9V&5V All-in-one Li-ion Battery Pack: one
2. Charger: one
3. 12V Cable: one
4. 9V Cable: one
5. 5V Cable: one