Wholesale 12V\9800mAH Portable Li-ion Battery Pack

Wholesale 12V\9800mAH Portable Li-ion Battery Pack

Product description:

12V/ 9800mAH Portable Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack for Security CCTV Camera


wireless camera, surveillance cameras, wireless infrared detector, car LCD TV, portable DVD, personal treatment system, PDA personal data assistant, personal communication systems, radio, digital, Internet, laptop computers and other electrical equipment 12V Cameras, camcorders, video cameras, Bluetooth devices, CD players, MD players, MP3 players, smart card, LED lights, and other aviation model can be used in 12V power supply in various fields.

100% brand new and high quality
Specially designed for the system devices which use 12V DC power
With ON/ OFF switch to save power usage
Super storage capacity
Over-charge/ discharge protection
With working indicator
Suitable for all 12V DC devices
Battery type: Rechargeable Li-on battery

Connectors: 2.1*5.5mm DC jack+2.1*5.5mm DC plug
Capacity: 9800mAh
Input voltage: 12.6V
Output voltage: 12.6~10.8V
Dimensions: 11.5*6.1*3.5CM
Weight: 538.5g