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Wholesale 15000 Mah DC 12V battery for CCTV camera

Wholesale 15000 Mah DC 12V battery for CCTV camera
  • Wholesale 15000 Mah DC 12V battery for CCTV camera
Product code: 26194900001
Unit price: 33 USD
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info:
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Capacity: 15000mAh
Voltage: Input Voltage 12.6V DC; output 12V DC
Output current: 1-2 A around

Output connector head : 5.5' .
Weight: 600g or so
Size : 13*6.8*4.2CM ( size for reference only , real size maybe a little difference, if you need exact same size , please contact before buying )
Charging time: 15 hours around
Battery Appearance: Blue

With protection chip : 20% power will be saved to protect battery from over-discharge , it can not be released to charge for your other battery .
So for this product , if it can discharge 9800mah-12800mah , it is normal , please be noted . It will not be a excuse for your to make refund or compliant .

Wireless camera, personal treatment system, PDA personal data assistant, personal communication systems, radio, digital cameras, camcorders, video cameras, Bluetooth devices, CD players, MD players, portable DVD, MP3 players, smart cards, aviation model 12V power supply can be used in such areas.

Product Configuration:
Rechargeable lithium battery (12V/ 15000mA) 1
Charger X 1 (12.6V 1A )
Packing box : no gift packing box , but just packed by carton for shipping

Battery Charging Method:
Firstly plugged charger into 220V outlet with showing of red light ; Then connect it to the battery with green light indicates, then the charge starts; The green light goes out the while the battery is fully charged. The internal battery is designed with protectional function to bear with overload, overvoltage and short-circuit ; When the battery is not used properly , the internal circuitry will automatically cut off power supply, resulting in no voltage output, then to charge it again to resume the power supply .

1. The use of this product, please connect the device, and then electricity work.
2, respectively, before and after the end of some, please use the appropriate power supply, please refer to product power connector on the tips.
3, the rain water on this product is prohibited, other construction materials, super wave, ultra-high-temperature environment on the product work will be affected.
4, the use of this product will have a fever, is normal.