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Wholesale 12V 4500mah wireless lithium polymer battery

Wholesale 12V 4500mah wireless lithium polymer battery
  • Wholesale 12V 4500mah wireless lithium polymer battery
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12V 4500mah wireless lithium polymer battery/ rechargeable battery lithium batteries with remote control

specifications :
Polymer lithium in aluminum flexible packing structure is different from the liquid metal casing of the batteries in the event of a security risk are explosive, liquid batteries, polymer batteries will only drums. Light weight polymer battery weight is 40% lighter than the equivalent capacities of steel lithium, 20% lighter than aluminum battery. As a result of polymer materials, the aluminum thin film packaging, batteries will not explode, batteries have adequate security
Import the original lithium-ion batteries in this battery, with a small internal resistance, capacity, number of cycles, no memory effect, etc. ; internal circuit for multiple protection design, can prevent over charge, over discharge, over-current; the use of the production process computer-quality testing and monitoring to ensure that the excellent performance of the battery.

Other application areas:
Wireless camera, the individual processing systems, PDAs personal data assistant and personal communications systems, walkie-talkie, digital cameras, camcorders, video cameras, Bluetooth devices, CD player, MD player, portable DVD, MP3 player, smart cards, aviation model can be used in voltage of 12V current 1.5A power 18W power fields.

Before using this product, please connect the equipment, and then re-energized.
2, the front-end part, respectively, using the appropriate power supply, please refer to the prompts on the product power connector.
3 is strictly prohibited rain water on, and other building materials, super wave, ultra-high temperature environment of the product work will be affected.
4, the charge / use micro heat, which is a normal phenomenon.
5, the battery itself with the protection circuit so the battery is not suitable for use in parallel series.
6. Battery charging methods:
First connected to the battery charger, the charger the green light; the charger connected to a 220V power, green light indicates the charging starts; until charger green light goes out, said the battery is fully charged. The internal battery with overload, over voltage, short circuit protection.
Product specifications:
Battery type: rechargeable lithium battery
power switch : remote control
Connectors: 2.1 * 5.5mm jack / 2.1 * 5.5mm plug
Capability: 4500mAh
Size: 12*3.5*2CM
Input voltage: 12.6V
Output voltage : 12V

Packing list:
1 x 12v 4500ma battery
1 x Charger
1 x remote control