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2.4GHz digital video baby monitor

2.4GHz digital video baby monitor
  • 2.4GHz digital video baby monitor
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1 can additionally camera, plus a separate camera 299 yuan, can add up to four, four screens can be displayed simultaneously
2 night vision best, this paragraph was the best night vision effect is the market, the other up to six infrared light, infrared light in this paragraph 10 lights.

3 Signal best! Duplex dedicated than switel BCF indoors least 10 meters away.

4, the original wife lithium battery. Is an international standard BL-5C. Lithium battery life can be 3-5 years, nickel-cadmium battery 1 year.

52.4 inch HD display, 960x240 resolution.

6, with infrared night light function, 10 meters can see clearly, other styles up to 3 meters.

7, the use of high security digital 2.4G digital time division multiple code technology, wireless products will not be any interference. Motorola MBP 35 is too close to the old and BCF 810 laptop, notebook computer will sometimes short.

8, with call functions, monitors and other monitors on both sides can talk to each other.

9, there exists a variety of musical sounds that can be done to make the baby lullaby.

10, with a temperature indicator, so that the baby is always a bad environment in the most comfortable growth

11, with time display, ready to take the time

12, alarm reminders, can remind her mother when milk foam, and when you want to rest your baby

13, with clip, easy to carry, even if you can on the table, you can also hang on the arm

14, the camera need to plug power supply with adapter, you can own with mobile power, this is a standard USB interface

15, the receiver monitors with rechargeable batteries, but also with the adapter, the battery about 4 hours.

16 Support Battery level indicator, you can keep track of battery power, exclusive features.

17, the mute function: If the baby is a night nanny or parents with a band in the evening you can mute the sound, to the time

Want to see the picture when you can see next picture will not disturb the rest. Exclusive features.

18: can support four cameras simultaneously displayed, if there are two very practical baby, you can also install a bedroom

Install a living room, you can freely switch the display. Very user-friendly features

Package Includes:
1 * Camera
1 * Display
2 * Adapter
1 * Manual
1 * Quick Guide