5.8ghz wireless camera with portable receiver

5.8ghz wireless camera with portable receiver

Product description:

TE92 adopts no-interference 5.8G frequency, which transmits 100 meters range. Moreover, it uses the high sensitive imaging device, which brings superior imaging capabilitiesIts size is smaller than finger, which is suitable to install it into narrow room. Extremely low illumination (0.008lux) , broad view angle (90deg) ,small size, wireless transmission, tiny weight ( 10g) , continuous working (AV power supply) , and easy installation . It is a good helper for home monitoring and burglar.

Main Features

1. No-interference 5.8G frequency, no need to worry about interference from general 2.4G frequency;
2. 16 channels available, users can freely choose one when they use it;
3. 0.008LUX super low illumination, which can see clearly under dim light;
5. 90° broad view angle;
6. Low power consumption assures the long time working life;
7. 25mW transmitting power, which leads 100 meters wireless transmission range.

How to use

Connect it with power supply, it starts to work. At the same time, power on wireless receiver and choose corresponding channel to receive/ record real time audio & video.