Wireless camera | 2.4Ghz digital wireless baby camera kit

Wireless camera | 2.4Ghz digital wireless baby camera kit

Product description:

Wireless camera
Baby Monitor Set
baby monitor
wireless CCTV camera
Wireless Camera Security Kit

2.4GHz Digital Wireless Security Kit
Four channel available monitoring at the same time
Audio & Video Recording, Image Capturi
Digital wireless video monitoring, the picture is vivid.
LED indicates volume, may flash along with the volume.
Digital wireless audio monitoring, sound adjustable.
The demonstration end and photograph end audio to speak, is very convenient. Audio and video external output.
Video menu tries to hit monotonously, in 30 seconds having not pressed any, the menu surface will vanish automatically returns to the inspecting mode.
If the product may be out of the transmission region, the antenna instruct glitter may support the external power supply or battery.
Demonstrates the battery low electricity or the charge instruction.