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3.5inch TFT LCD wrist Monitor CCTV Camera Test

3.5inch TFT LCD wrist Monitor CCTV Camera Test
  • 3.5inch TFT LCD wrist Monitor CCTV Camera Test
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Security Tester is a type of product that summarizes views of first-line safety engineers and it is developed specially for technical personnel to debug the front camera conveniently. It has some functions, like on-site access to camera images and providing temporary 12V power supply for the camera. It owns distinctive look and wearing design and the treatment for flexible paint on the surface becomes more humane. The product is built in 18650 lithium battery, providing powerful and reliable power supply for the device, along with the function that it will shut down automatically without video signal for 3 minutes. All the master controls use ultra-low-power decoder chips and MCU, providing eight hours of long working time. AT-1000 Security Test is a practical tool for security project commissioning and maintenance technicians.

) ) ) 3.5-inch TFT display screen
) ) ) PAL / NTSC standard Automatic Identification
) ) ) 12V/ 500MA Emergency output
) ) ) Audio and video input
) ) ) USB Universal Charging Interface
) ) ) 3 minutes non-video automatic sleep, access-video-to- wake-up feature
How to use:
The main function of AT-1000 Security Tester is to show the front camera image, being convenient for debugging the cameras focal length, focus and angle position.
At first, please tie the wrist strap to the wrist or fixed bracket.
Power-on: turn the power switch to the ON position and the power indicator lights up. In case of non-video, it will be black or colorful screen (it varies according to the difference of the decoder chip) . After accessing to video, images can be displayed properly.
Power-off: turn the power switch to the OFF position directly.
Access to audio and video: insert 3.5MM plug of audio and video lines directly into audio interfaces, connecting the other end to the camera. In case of power-on, you can observe video image directly. The audio is built in amplifier, so it can be directly connected to the moni
tor or other audio suppliers, and then you can hear the sound from the speakers.
TFT 3.5 inch, Resolution 960 * 240
Shell materials
Engineering ABS plastic
Surface treatment
Polyester wadding (elastic paint)
18650 lithium battery DC3.7V (1600mA is set into the mechine)
Machine power consumption
0.8W (12V emergency power does not open)
5V / 1000MA
Video input standard
Video input
Emergency power output
12V/ 0.5A
Audio Input
0.7 Vp-p
Automatic sleep
3 minutes
Operating Temperature
5 ~ +50
92MM * 75MM * 27MM (shade cover part is 40MM)
packing list:
1*Host machine
1*12V switch wiring
1*A/ V cable