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Wholesale ZKsoftware Face access control VF360

Wholesale ZKsoftware Face access control VF360
  • Wholesale ZKsoftware Face access control VF360
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Model Number: VF360
Face Capacity: 200
Communication: TCP/ IP, RS232/485, U disk
Card Capacity: 10000

Product description:

VF360 latest in control technology a full touch 3-inch color screen facial machine, set attendance and access control in one supports a variety of authentication methods (face, card, card + face, password, face + password, password + card, face + card + password) , in the control the latest technology ZEM810 core board, ZKFace latest face recognition algorithm, large capacity, fast identification, integrated high-resolution night vision infrared and color camera function, the scope wide, not subject to the influence of external light, whether it is or in the dark under the glare can be performed effectively identify. Authentication system, applicable in many fields and enterprises attendance and access control management.

Product Features:

High-resolution infrared and color cameras;

Full-color touch screen, easy to operate, simple and stylish interface;

The infrared optical system, ability to use the environment, outdoor (non-direct sunlight) , the nighttime can still identify;

Beard, glasses, bangs covering natural expression, exaggerated facial expressions may identify;

Standard TCP / IP, support for inter-network inter-gateway connection;

The slim, ergonomic design, significantly improve recognition Comfort;

Access control function, power locks, exit switch, alarm, door sensor, a variety of authentication methods.

Card Capacity : 10000
Facial capacity : 200
Recording capacity: 100000 Display : 3-inch high-definition color touch screen
Facial recognition algorithm : ZKFace the latest high-speed face recognition algorithm
Camera : High-resolution infrared and color camer
Means of communication; TCP / IP network communications
U disk function
U disk download attendance record upload and download personnel information
Swipe function : ID card
Attendance function: T9 input method, 9 yards, recorded query, the timing of state transitions, horn rings
Access control function: Power locks, exit switch, alarm, door sensor, multiple authentication methods
Optional functions: Mifare card
The use of humidity: 0-45 °C
Operating Temperature: 20% -80%
Power Specifications : DC 12V
Language Selection: English
Product Size : 105mm * 160mm * 36mm