Wholesale Ultra-thin design 4inch color video door phone color

Wholesale Ultra-thin design 4inch color video door phone color

Product description:

Ultra-thin design 4' color video door phone color
Features: with calls, surveillance, intercom, unlock, hand-free, indoor two-way intercom call disturb function .
1.4-inch high-definition digital screen, no radiation, low power consumption, clearer image.
2. Hand-free intercom function .
3. Electronically controlled lock function.
4. There are outdoor surveillance function .
5. image brightness, color and volume can be adjusted.
6. oxidation and wear-resistant surface treatment of aluminum alloy outdoor unit .
7. the ultra-thin design of the indoor unit, aluminum panels, electroplating button, beautiful full luxurious .
8.12 polyphonic sound optional , not always hear the monotone of the doorbell .
9. the outdoor unit is beautifully compact, aluninum enclosure, with infrared night vision function , easy wall mount .
10. free combination, dragging one to six, two drag one to six .
11. selectable by the company to any of a villa-type outdoor unit, with photographs and credit card function .

Performance parameters:
1. switching power supply: AC220V-50Hz DC 15V , 1.2A
2. Machine current: less than 800mA.
3. Call delay time: 100s+-10%
4. the monitoring delay time: 60s+-10%
5. Camera sensor: PC1030 420 lines / sharp1 / 4 420 line / sony 1/4 ( optional)
6. the lens: 6MM 62/3.6MM92 ( optional)
7. the outdoor unit with infrared night vision function .
8. Dimensions of indoor unit: 205x133x18mm.
9. the outdoor unit Dimension: 125x52x30mm
10. indoor and outdoor installation: wall-mounted.