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S15 fingerprint collection device

S15 fingerprint collection device
  • S15 fingerprint collection device
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Fingerprint Scanner, Fingerprint Sensor, Fingerprint Reader

1. It is optical fingerprint reader which using leading biometrics build high-speed, high stability, cost-effective biometric products , r apid fingerprint image DSP, fingerprint-board Flash memory, serial / USB dual-interface. Provide PC USB fingerprint product or MCU control product to meet the different levels of customer d e mand.
2. Easy use : Easy touch to collect fingerprint
3. High adaptability: Optical fingerprint collection, accurate fingerprint images
4. Rapid application: a full set of modules built-in fingerprint processing algorithms, through the UART or USB port to control
5. Widely used: module can be quickly integrated into fingerprint lock / safe systems / PC system
6. Windows and Linux driver support

Identity Reader is versatile in applications in family, organization with network members.
Accountant office, welfare department, police office, bank, stock exchange, etc

Main Functions:
1) Log-on computer
2) Screen saver login identification
3) Data encryption
4) File & folder encryption
5) Can be developed for network log in identification & website member identification
6) Name and password are replaced by fingerprint

Optical sensor Size: 56*20* 21.5mm
Voltage input: 3.6~6V
Current input: 150mA MAX
Sensors: Optical sensor
Resolution: 500DPI
DSP speed: 120MHz
FRR: ( 0.1%
FAR: ( 0.001%
Template size: 512 byte (ANSI378)
Capacity: 120 Users ( extended to 375/880 )
Match time: (0.3S
UART rate: 9600bps ~ 115.2Kbps
USB rate: USB2.0