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3LED DV12 CCTV IR lamp

3LED DV12 CCTV IR lamp
  • 3LED DV12 CCTV IR lamp
Product code: 26174500001
Unit price: 9.92 USD
Price unit: Per piece
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Product name: monitor the fill light
Product model: SD - ZR3030
Product specifications: 42 mil chip three Taiwan wafer
Shine the light: infrared
The mounting bracket: round
Is waterproof:
No dust prevention: (internal)
Protection grade: PI.
Adapter power supply: DC 12 v (DC)
Power factor: ) 0.95 W
The power cord length: 20 cm
Shell structure: the structure of metallic glass
Shield moulded aluminium shell shell panel: glass panel
Net weight: 0.5 KG gross weight: 0.6 KG
Product size: 6 cm * 7 cm * 8 cm
Optional/ default light Angle: five Angle 45 degrees
Visual range: 30 to 50 meters
To adapt to the temperature: - 20 ° C to + 50 ° C
1, all kinds of commonly used electronic police capture system
2, highway capture fill light
3, toll station security monitoring system, etc
4, the parking lot
5, medium urban road monitoring
6, other traffic intersections
7, fill light license plate recognition system