Wholesale HY-919 High Sensitive Wall Detection Listening Monitor

Wholesale HY-919 High Sensitive Wall Detection Listening Monitor

Product description:


Function: A partition which can help you hear conversations through walls and other barriers

Main features:

- Strong penetrability and high sensitive, let you hear the sound from the next room fully

- Signal receiving by sonde only

- With a little black box, easy to be collect

- With build-in rechargable li-battery

Apply to:

- Business monitor

- Intelligence forensics

On-board Buttons/ Slots:

- 3.5mm Earphone Jack

- ON/ OFF Switch Button with volume Dial

- The charger USB hole


- the end of the sonde must be closed to wall

- turn on the device, and adjust the volume and the Shift still hear the voice most clearly

Highly Sensitive, carefully adjust audio slowly, as not to cause discomfort to your ear-buds

Battery type: 3.7V lithium-battery

Penetrability: Cement wall, Steel wall, wooden wall, iron wall, glass and air brick

Listening Devices: Headphones

Materials: Metal case with Internal Sound Amplifier

After Sales Service: 1 Year Warranty

Package Include:

1 x Listening Monitor

1 x Earphone

1 x Power Adapter

1 x Sonde