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Lighter genuine leather case

Lighter genuine leather case
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: S. T. Dupont / Dupont
  • Name: DuPont lighter genuine leather 180024
  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • NO

Dispensers remind : Cigarette case leather belt with the widest width 3cm

Do not hit or repeatedly friction, so as not to damage the surface;
To prevent direct sunlight to prevent the pattern fade;
Keep dry, avoid direct contact with high temperature;
(Such as magazines, other leather, etc.), to prevent the transfer of pigment to the patent leather, the leather on any color are very easy to stain; to avoid contact with the pigment easy to fall off the material (such as magazines,
Grease and cosmetics are likely to penetrate into the leather, so to avoid contact with the product;
When cleaning, the cloth can be gently wiped with a cloth or brush, with water and soap, avoid contact with the leather part.When the leather part needs to be cleaned, it should be wiped with soft dry cloth, do not use soap or solvent