S.T.Dupont France Dupont | lighters real leather 180024

S.T.Dupont France Dupont | lighters real leather 180024

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: S. T. Dupont / Dupont
  • Name: Dupont lighters genuine leather 180024
  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Item: 180024

Treasurer remind : This lighter holster with a belt width of the widest 3cm

Do not impact or repeated friction, avoid any surface damage;
Prevent direct sunlight to prevent fading pattern;
Keep dry, avoid direct contact with high temperature;
Avoid prolonged exposure to the pigment off easily materials (such as magazines, other leather, etc.), to prevent its transfer to the dye patent leather, leather of any color stain very easily;
Oils and cosmetics are likely to penetrate into the leather, so to avoid contact with the product;
When cleaning, part of the fabric gently with a cloth or brush, clean with soap and water, avoid contact with the leather parts when cleaning the leather part of the need, should be soft, dry cloth to gently wipe, do not use soap or solvent