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Mini WIFI Camera Table Clock for iPhone iOS-Android Smartphone

Mini WIFI Camera Table Clock for iPhone iOS-Android Smartphone
  • Mini WIFI Camera Table Clock for iPhone iOS-Android Smartphone
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Mini WIFI Camera Table Clock for iPhone iOS-Android Smartphone

Indicators Illustration:
LED indicates of Multifunction camera's mode
Definition: only one blue LED lights, flashing mode changes according to different working conditions
Normal operation
Blue light flashing slowly
1 time / s
Low battery
Blue light keeps on
Light is steady
Failed to find the Internet
Blue light flashing quickly
10 times / s
Blue light flashing slowly
1 time / s
Micro SD Card (TF Card) introduction:
Please insert the TF Card before machine working and video files saving.
The product supports 2G - 32G TF card, and can be recycled to save the file;
It means when the TF card memory is full, the last video file will overwrites the oldest video files (loop recording) . The device will generate a 'RECORD' folder in the root directory of TF card, video files are all saved in this folder, It will auto-save and as a separate file for every five minutes when on video recording, the file will be named as 'current date + time video + video format. '
For example : 2012-10-30 20: 30: 00 AVI.
6. File format: standard file formats, which compatible with any video player software, do not need to install any more
WIFI/ IP Camera
Video Format
Video Coding
Video Resolution
640*480 VGA
Network transmission Resolution
320*240 QVGA
Video Frame Rate
1/3' Color CMOS
2.4G 802.11n WIFI Internal Antenna
Support TF Card up to 32GB
Play Software
Operating system or mainstream audio and video playback software
Image Ratio
4: 3
Support System
Windows ISO Android
Charging Voltage
Interface Type
Mini 5Pin USB
Memory Type
Micro SD Card (TF Card)
High-capacity Polymer Lithium Battery
Do not support to plug out the TF Card when power on, please power off at first
A) Application: Please abide by relevant laws and regulations strictly; this product can not be used for any illegal purposes, or peril.
B) Battery: If not work on a long periods of time, please fully charged before use. Minimum charged per month.
C) Operating Temperature: 0 - 45 degree, it is best used at room temperature
D) Operating Humidity: 20% -80%. Please do not place the product in a wet environment, the product has not waterproof function.
E) Shooting Illumination: Please use it under sunny environment, do not use the camera focus to the sun or other strong light source directly, in case of damaging the optics.
F) Cleaning Requirements: Do not use under too large dust plotting environment to avoid dust contamination of lenses & other components, and influence the camera effects
G) Other matters: The product belongs to sophisticated electronic products, do not subject it to strong impact, vibration, do not use under strong magnetic fields & strong electric field etc.
H) Additional information: To avoid entering the misunderstanding, please view the instruction details carefully before proceeding, Please contact your local dealer for other unspecified matters.