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8CH Video Digital Optical Transceiver Transmitter\Receiver 8 way video +1 reverse data

8CH Video Digital Optical Transceiver Transmitter\Receiver 8 way video +1 reverse data
  • 8CH Video Digital Optical Transceiver Transmitter\Receiver 8 way video +1 reverse data
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Name: 8 video +1 reverse data package: standard carton
Description: 8 channel video series digital video optical multiplexer (including a receiver or transmitter) is my company independent research and development with full digital video optical transmission equipment and a series of functions, can also transmit 8 high quality in one fiber (8Bit or 10Bit) uncompressed video information, 1 way control signal and the 1 road high fidelity audio signals.
Product features
plug-in or independent structure, suitable for centralized management of 4U aluminum frame.
8/10 digital coding and uncompressed video transmission
Support any high resolution video signal
video bandwidth: 10MHz
automatically compatible with PAL, NTSC, SECAM video standard
APC circuit, a constant output optical power, large dynamic range
Gigabit fiber transmission, large capacity, easy to upgrade and expansion
Support video non-destructive regenerative relay, make video transmission of up to 200 km above the
Support SNMP network management standard advanced, remote video network
The power source and the optical fiber link, data status indication of LED can run status monitoring system
advanced adaptive technology, without the need for electrical or optical field regulating use
industrial grade design, modular design make equipment reliable and flexible
The external power supply, chassis design unique appearance
The wall mounted or independent (placed in the monitoring field, outdoor or center)
For the environment
security system
television and telephone conference
The building control system
The intelligent transportation system (ITS)
The remote monitoring of multimedia teaching / Campus
The long distance transmission of radio and television system
Video features
Video interface number: 8 video
Video: BNC interface
Video input / output impedance: 75 ohms (nonequilibrium)
Video input / output voltage: 1Vpp (peak to peak) , the largest 1.2Vpp
Video bandwidth: 10MHz
Video: 15MHz high speed sampling and sampling
Digital video interface: 8/10/12 bit (bit)
Differential gain: (10%-90%APL) DG (1% (typical)
Differential phase: (10%-90%APL) DP (0.8 ° (typical)
Field tilt: (0.5%
Video signal-to-noise ratio (weighted) : S/ N ≥ 70dB (maximum optical link loss)
Data characteristics
Applications: can support multiple data, compatible with all the control keyboard, matrix protocol, hard disk video camera, alarm composite data transmission, industrial application
The physical interface: Industrial terminals (standard) , RJ45 (Ding Zuo)
Control equipment: head PTZ decoder, a control keyboard, matrix control data interface, high-speed ball, industrial equipment
The physical interface terminal: Industrial wiring terminal
RS485/ RS422 data interface
The data rate of RS-485/ RS422 DC-250Kbps
The RS-485/ RS422 data error rate is less than 10E-12
The maximum number of nodes in RS-485/ RS422 128
The maximum distance of RS-485/ RS422 1200 meters
RS-485/ RS422 data protocol transparent support any RS-485/ RS422 protocol, including RS-485 polling or Modbus protocol
The network connection RS-485/ RS422 supports forward, reverse or bidirectional RS-485/ RS422, supports point-to-point, point to multipoint connection interface signal:
RS-485 (2 wire) , RS232 or RS422 etc.
Audio characteristics
The audio interface number: forward, backward or Bi-directional Audio
Interface terminal: Industrial wiring terminal
Audio input / output level typical: 0dBm
Audio input / output impedance: 600 ohms (balanced / unbalanced)
Audio input / output voltage: 2VP-P (peak to peak)
Audio bandwidth: 20Hz ~ 20kHz
Sample rate: 48.6K
Nonlinear distortion factor: ≤ 1%
The audio signal to noise ratio (weighted) : S/ N = 85Db
Ethernet characteristics
Interface rate: 10/100Mbit/ s adaptive, the default is 100MBPS working state
Interface: non shielding ultra 5 block RJ-45
Support protocol: IEEE 802.3U 100Base-TX, 10/100M Ethernet standard
Communication work mode: full duplex or half duplex
Application characteristics: fiber far transmission of 80 km
Video: the realization of 8 channel video remote transmission
Data: usually 1 bidirectional RS485, monitoring center for the matrix or keyboard to control the codec or high-speed ball (support bidirectional RS485 device) , the other 1 bidirectional RS232 data transmission, optical fiber transmission 80 kilometers far away
Switch: used for the transmission of the alarm signal, alarm signal to monitoring center receive the treatment
Standard: the digital video optical multiplexer used single-mode fiber transmission of 20 km, 2 km (multimode fiber transmission maximum design for a distance of 2 kilometers) , in the light of power within the allowable range of video quality and transmission distance independent
Environmental requirements
Environment temperature: -40 °C
~ +85 °C
Storage temperature: -45 °C ~ +95 °C
Relative humidity: 0 ~ 95% (no cold condensation)
Rated voltage: AC850-260V/ 50Hz
MTBF: 105 hours
Power consumption: 2.5 w (Input: DC5V 1000mA)

Packaging Details

Unit Type: piecePackage Weight: 1.700kg (3.75lb.) Package Size: 21cm x 21cm x 5cm (8.27in x 8.27in x 1.97in)