205IR-DVR upgrade C-DVR infrared night vision camera

205IR-DVR upgrade C-DVR infrared night vision camera

Product description:

1 uses a miniature camera, infrared night vision camera, black light body, 940nm wavelength infrared light invisible to the naked eye, in all black case can also be monitored.
(2) support video card, maximum support 32G TF card. Recording a small footprint, 32G can record 15 days. Automatically overwrite previous recorded over old files.
3 Support motion detection trigger video recording, a significant reduction in the use of space TF card.
4 Simple operation, insert the TF card into the camera, through the power can be monitored.
5 cost-effective.
6 card comes with video recording, and with video output function, the video output can be connected to the DVR, secondary video camera, small size, is important to monitor the range of indispensable monitoring product.

How to use:
1 TF card formatted on a computer.
2 Insert the TF card in the video host.
3 Insert the camera to the DC-AV input interface.
4. AV output cable into the machine's AV output terminal, connected to the TV's AV input.
5. Pass on the power supply.
At this point device initialization, identify TF card, initialization is complete, the green light, red light flash smelting, which means that to start recording.
Equipment detailed operation method, see package insert.
Straightforward, cost-effective, small-scale surveillance system package.