Wholesale Mini PIR MP Alert Infrared GSM Alarm A9

Wholesale Mini PIR MP Alert Infrared GSM Alarm A9

Product description:


Brand new & high quality

When the body is near, it will automatically start the alarm

The highest sensitivity in the range of 4-5 meters

Put the alarm cat or paste in a certain height, away from the body within five meters within the angular range 120 degree left and right, as long as people or animal, swaying back and forth in a very short time, induction start

Listen-in function: can listen to a location within 15 meters of the situation, the sound is very clear

Remote-control setting:

A. Send / '0000/ 'to the SIMcard number after a successful turn off this feature

B. Send/ '1111/ 'is open induction

Operation frequency :

850MHZ, 900MHZ, 1800MHZ, 1900MHZ


Original box: Yes

Size: about45*30*14mm (product size)

Working current: below 10mA

Idle current: below 0.05mA

Color: black

Net weight: 141g

Package weight: 161g