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Wholesale Security House Alarms YL-007Z

Wholesale Security House Alarms YL-007Z
  • Wholesale Security House Alarms YL-007Z
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Model Number: YL-007Z
LCD display & home appliance controlling intruder alarm system :
1. Chromatic back-light English screen in main panel, straight setting and inquiring .
2. English operating interface show the information such as defence area style.

defence area location, detector style, alarm telephone number, password and date.

3. All-function-set keyboard let user finish setting in panel.
4. Long –distance tone indicating, remote control easily.
5. 8 wireless and 7 wired defense zones, be provided with strong programming

function for defense zones.

6. Arming away mode and arming stay mode whatever for use in home or be out.
7. Operation arming / disarming thru the keypad on panel where panic alarm

button brings convenience to user.

8. The system could record tone info of 10 seconds. Four user's telephone number and two alarm

center telephone number could be saved dialing.

9. Defence number and alarm type will be warned by tone .
10. Remote controlling the turning on of four paths electronic appliance by telephone.
11. Long-distance arming/ disarming by telephone and monitoring the sound on spot.
12. Could saving 40 arming / disarming and alarm records, including time, defence zone and

detector location, etc.

13. With the patent tech of detector self-inspection, the panel will lighten the

fault indicatorlight to show the right location and remind of user if it hasn't received

the signal from detector within 24 hours.

14. There are 20 sec. , 40 sec. and 60 sec. alarm delay to choose. User could entry disarming

thru keypad without taking with remote controller.

15. Telephone network and topology mode ( different main board ) realize community secure

net thru connecting to Wolf-guard monitoring center.

16. Alarm is priority in the system whenever the telephone is picked up or not.
17. The panel will send out hurry beeps every one minute and the horn will hoot nonstop if

telephone wire is cut off due to destroy.

18. Ongoing charges supply inside the system to keep working at least 24 hours when power off.
19. The system has the memory function to guarantee previous

status after power cut off and recovery.

Packaging Method Packaging Dimension and Weight
1 set of YL-007Z- into one gift box Host: Size (mm) : 150*110*32
10 gift boxes into one carton. Gift box: G.W. (g) : 1118
Size (mm) : 320*263*63
Carton: G.W. (kg) :
Size (cm) : 54*33.5*34
Technical specifications:
'Power Supply: AC=220V±10% DC=9V
Inside Battery: Ni-cd charge battery: DC=7.2V
Working Current: ≤50mA
Alarm Current: ≤300mA
Wireless Receiving Frequency: 315/433/868 MHz
Wireless Receiving Sensitive Degree: 5mV/ m
Anti-jamming Intension: 1V/ m (frequency range 20-1000 MHz)
Outside Alarm Horn Pitch: 110dB
Working Environment: Temperature 10℃-40℃ Relative Humidity≤90%
Detector Capability: Each Defence Zone 20
1 main panel, 1 wireless infrared (motion) detector, 1 wireless door magnetic detector, 1 siren, 2 remote controllers, 1 power supply, 1 phone wire , 1 manual.
For occations:
Villa, house, shop, Convenience store, hospital, school, library, financial office, office, let, community, factory floor.