Wholesale SS-2400 GSM alarm system

Wholesale SS-2400 GSM alarm system

Product description:

1. Full voice navigation control panel

2. built-in rechargeable backup battery


1. Full voice navigation. full keyboard operation. four user alarm call. two groups center number.

2. Low battery detector, the system can automatically dial the user's telephone and voice informed.

3. Scroll to the code system, free to change the configuration of the detector. By telephone remote arming / disarming, active / passive monitoring live sound.

4. Automatically 6 groups alarm phone

5. Automactic code LED zone indication

6. Infrared detector battery can replace up to two year.

7. Wireless alarm control panel system.

Standard Configuration:

control panel + 2 remote control + 1 door magnet + 1 infrared sensor + 1 siren + 1 power + 1 telephone line