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Wholesale Touch Screen GSM alarm(DY-GSM40A)

Wholesale Touch Screen GSM alarm(DY-GSM40A)
  • Wholesale Touch Screen GSM alarm(DY-GSM40A)
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1. touch keys, high-end fashion.

2. 128X64 dot matrix display, the English version of the display, built-in clock, and intuitive.

3. original host operating system, the operation straightforward.

4. support access control systems, card deployment, wireless and then wear the traditional remote control.

5. 4-channel cable, 10 wireless zones, each zone can be kept 10 detectors, up to 100 detectors.

6. up to code 8 wireless remote control.

7. built-in high quality high volume of intercom speaker.

8. regular arm disarm.

9. preset 6 groups of alarming telephone call voice alarm host automatically.

10. preset SMS phone group 3, the host automatically sends SMS alerts.

11. 10 seconds manually recorded message.

12. built-in digital audio devices, artificial intelligence automatically broadcast an alarm situation.

13. built-in English SMS, artificial intelligence automatically sent.

14. telephone call-in machine, the host keyboard dialing through phone calls with any directly instead of telephone.

15. one-touch control, go out armed, deployed at home, remote deployment, remote telephone arming.

16. Programming the alarm location: SOS, fire, gas, door locks, hall, window.

Balconies, perimeter warning.

17. real-time, delay, 24 hours, bypass multiple zone programming.

18. wireless learning the code, add new parts convenient, safe and efficient.

19. off-site remote control, the host arm, disarm, monitor, intercom and other functions.

20. Event Log Query: 40 alarm host automatically records all the information event.

21. A variety of deployment modes: real-time remote deployment, deployed outside the host delay, the host STAY at home

, The specified time regular deployment, remote telephone remote arming.

22. alarm priority rush line: either into or outgoing calls, telephone call when the alarm is.

Will host a telephone call is cut off, priority call alarm calls.

23. built-in high capacity lithium battery, power failure alarm.