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Wholesale Key Wallet Finder Green Apple Keyfinder

Wholesale Key Wallet Finder Green Apple Keyfinder
  • Wholesale Key Wallet Finder Green Apple Keyfinder
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Key Wallet Finder Green Apple Keyfinder Whistle 1 Transmitter and 1 Receivers 120db Anti-Lost Alarm Find Lost Things

1. RF wireless remote control electronic key finder, which is environmental and have no radiation.
2. Help you finding your keys, purse and mp3 easily.
3. Long battery service time and working distance
4. With key rings for convenience and portability
5. Both receiver and transmitter are light and small, and easy to carry around and operate.

Before Using It

1. Turn both transmitter and receiver to the ON position, and put them together to mather each other. The receiver will beep and then stop after matching. The LED indicators will flash on both units. Adjust the distance as desire. The maximum range is 25m +/ - 5m.

2. Clip the transmitter to the process (child, pet, cell phone or bag etc.) , then us the hook to secure to the owner or parants. For child using, instruct the child not to remove it. TEST RECEPTION, test the units by taking the transmitter to go a few feet away until the receiver beeps.

3. Set distance: Turn the distance dail to the longest side, and take the transmitter away to the distance you want, turn down the dial very slowly till the LED indicator on receiver stop flashing. We recommend to try 'test reception' set up twice to confirm consistency.

4. When the transmitter is out of range, the receiver will beep. To stop the receiver from beeping, bring the transmitter back into the range of distance, or use the 'Distance Dial' to set a longer distance, or shut off both units and reset them.


Product Type Green Apple Finders - 1 Transmitter & 1 Receiver
Working Distance outdoor: 0~30 meters; indoor: 20 meters
Sound Volume of Receiver
Housing Material ABS
Dimension: 24.5X7mm

Weight: 18g

Battery: CR2032*1 (included)

Dimension: 46X38X15mm

Weight: 20g

Battery: CR2032*2 (included)

Package Included:

1 * transmitter

1 * receiver

1 * Plastic Bracket