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Wholesale Authentic smoke alarm independent type smoke sensor

Wholesale Authentic smoke alarm independent type smoke sensor
  • Wholesale Authentic smoke alarm independent type smoke sensor
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Authentic smoke alarm independent type smoke sensor household smoke sensor smoke detectors

Products overview:
This product is photoelectric smoke detector (hereinafter referred to as probe) is to use the smoke particles refraction principle of the infrared detection of fire, electric circuit mainly consists of infrared emission and receiving parts, tube and receiving tube placed in the optical maze, optical maze can the interference of stray light, shielding the outside but will not affect the smoke from entering. In smoke-free state, receiving tube only receives the infrared light is very weak, when the smoke enters, due to the scattering effect, receiving the optical signal enhancement, and when the smoke to achieve a certain solubility, detector output alarm signal. In order to reduce interference and reduce power consumption, transmitting circuit adopts the pulse method work, the service life of the tubes can be improved. Products adopt unique structure design and photoelectric signal processing technology, with dust, insects, outside light interference, and other functions, to ensure the stability of the product from the design. This product for slow smoldering or Ming combustion produces visible smoke, has good response. Suitable for residential, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, teaching building, bank, library, computer room and monitoring of the indoor environment of the smoke, such as warehouses.
Functional features
Low manual testing
Low automatic reset
When USES the special-purpose microprocessor control
Low dust, insects, and white light interference
Low environmental adaptability is strong
Manufactured in SMT process, stability is good
Technical parameters
Working voltage: 9 v battery 6 making batteries (independent model or no lines)
DC 12 v (networking)
Static electricity: 10 or less ua (independent model or no lines)
200 ua or less (networking)
Warning: current 20 ma, or less
Alarm indication: red leds
Alarm sound pressure: 85 db or higher (3 m)
Working temperature: - 10 C ~ + 50 C
Ambient temperature: 95% RH or less (no condensation phenomenon)
Monitoring area: 20 square meters
Alarm: sound and light alarm (independent model)
315 MHZ or 433 MHZ wireless signals (not linear)
Relay normally open/ closed type (networking)
Launch distance: open distance is 100 m (not linear)
Dimension: Φ 128 * 38 mm
Execution standard: GB4715; EN14604: UL217
Product installation and testing
1, (independent model or linear) please connect the battery and battery buckle, into
Products within the battery compartment, keep the battery power supply, product into the normal working state.
2. Type (networking) on the DC 12 v power supply, red to the anode, black connect the cathode, white for the public side, orange is normally open, yellow is normally closed.
3, processing power, the probe directly into the normal monitoring status, the indicator light flashing every 40 seconds at a time; Alarm state, indicator light flashes once per second.
4, select the appropriate location, general installation and detection space in the center of the ceiling, installed with screws to fix base in choosing a good location, probe card into, rotation, and check whether the firm.
5, the product installation is completed, press the test button to test the product is working correctly, a buzzer is singing (independent model) , and whether to launch wireless signals (not linear) , relay output is normal (networking) .
6, can be directly blow smoke into the detector to test the product function is normal. After smoke spread, the detector is reset to the normal monitoring state.
Matters needing attention
, this product should not be installed in the extremely cold heat, wind speed is too high, and often there are a lot of smoke and dust in the environment. • product every month to conduct a test. Smoke sensitivity, in order to ensure the products, every six months to clean the probe with a soft brush surface, must first disconnect the power when cleaning. • (independent model or no lines) when battery voltage is insufficient, the buzzer will send a brief every 40 seconds 'drop' sound, in order to guarantee the detection sensitivity of the detector, please replace the battery in time. • if found products division can work properly, or are damaged phenomenon, please don't removed, you may contact the customer service center or the nearest agency, there will be professional service for you. , photoelectric smoke detector can reduce the happening of calamity, but it can't be sure. For your safety, please correct use of this product, should be vigilant in our daily life at the same time, strengthen the safety consciousness of society.