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Wholesale Home burglar alarm remote control infrared

Wholesale Home burglar alarm remote control infrared
  • Wholesale Home burglar alarm remote control infrared
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Home burglar alarm remote control infrared wireless IR electronic dog house door and window security

Infrared electronic dog dual remote infrared alarm household burglar alarm infrared alarm
Product type: LA-HY-6
Product packaging: fine plastic, foreign trade English neutral product packing: 50 / box
The main technical indicators
Detection range: the distance of 3-5 meters, angle of 105 degrees
Working voltage: AC 220V (auto transformer, 6V (DC) can be arranged in 4 batteries of 5)
Remote control distance: 3-5 meters (open)
Alarm sound: 105dB (DB)
Product features:
1 Infrared Detection
2 remote multichannel wireless remote control, the original two remote control
Installation requirements:
• the remote infrared ray in the body relative to the lens the lateral motion of infrared detection sensitivity is the highest, while the longitudinal motion sensitivity is poor, so the installation should pay attention to the height of the horizontal plane and the angle of the detector, which has great influence on the protection area.
• when installation should avoid near infrared warning device of cold and heat sources, such as cold and hot air outlet, the air outlet of the air conditioner, electric heater, cooler, avoid direct.
The remote infrared ray to the scope of protection should be open, should have no obstacle.
The remote infrared ray and the wall into 10 to 30 degree angle, the detection distance, the actual installation, adjust the installation angle.
The installation method:
1 of the universal base is fixed on the distance from the ground 2 meters around the place.
2 of the battery cover is opened, in accordance with the battery box inside the logo will be 4 batteries of 7 into.
3 the remote infrared ray is fixed on the universal seat, rotating infrared warning device, which is in accordance with the requirements of installation and detection needs.
Method of use:
1 turn on the power switch, power indicator light, said checking function.
2 remote control infrared warning device in the first start after 20 seconds waiting delay, 20 seconds without detection alarm signal, detecting area you must leave electronic dog in the 20 seconds.
After 3.20 seconds if the detection of regional personnel into the infrared alarm, remote infrared ray will have 5 seconds delay, such recognition is convenient and master, after 5 seconds, if not receiving the signal recognition remote controller, it will give an alarm sound issued 30 seconds harsh, alarm volume is 105 DB. The alarm sounds after 5 seconds, if a staff distance of infrared ray, it will alarm again, go round and begin again.
4 in the remote infrared ray alarm, you can use the remote control to turn off the power switch, the end of the alarm.
Product Description: remote control infrared electronic dog can detect defence area personnel moves a 30 second alarm, alarm and blocking function. Because of the dual element infrared sensor with a special infrared integrated circuit, with no false positives, high reliability, high performance price ratio characteristics, suitable for home, office, courtyard, and shops along the street and other places of the anti-theft news * *.
Matters needing attention:
1 recommend that you regularly check whether the normal work of the infrared warning device, to avoid leakage alarm.
2 in the boot boot light dark, alarm sound becomes small and infrared alarm false alarm rate is high, the general is the battery voltage is low, the battery should be replaced in a timely manner.