Wholesale Active Infrared Dual Beams

Wholesale Active Infrared Dual Beams

Product description:

Active Infrared Dual Beams
unique high-power device can receive moving
Patent aspherical double focal precision optical focus lens.
built-in optical sight support two separate step to precision fine-tuning
Infrared light cover to send and receive filter.
Full function of self diagnose, environment self adjustment, troubles locked

Model: SAB-20/30/40/60/80/100
Size/ Gloss Weight 235*170*85mm/ 0.95kg
Horizontal Fence Detector Adjust 180°. (±90°)
Vertical Fence Detector Adjust ±10°
Beams 2
Indoor Alert Distance 60~300m
Outdoor Aleart Distance 20~100m
Detection Mode 2 beams are kept out
Lamp House Infrared LED
Response Time 50~700ms
Alert Output Relay Contact Output NO or Nc
Working VoltageL DC/ 12~18V
Working Current ≥65mA
Temperature -25℃~+55℃
Contact Rating AC/ DC30V, 0.5Amax
Action Alarm Time 60s
Case Material Resin