Wholesale Security House Alarms YL-007EG

Wholesale Security House Alarms YL-007EG

Product description:

Security House Alarms YL-007EG, GSM Alarm Systems With SMS function

Model Number: YL-007EG
GSM Alarm Systems With SMS function
1. Adopt GSM communicator, no distance limit to alarm.
2. Support GSM/ CDMA mobile phone.
3. Can per-set 5 phone numbers of user/ police/ monitoring center
(no longer than 16 character each number) .
4. Remotly arm, disarm, panic alarm
5. Control the system by a mobile phone anywhere, anytime.
6. For weak GSM signal area an external antenna can be used.
7. Easy to be installed and operated.
8. No need for fixed telephone line, only GSM Network is present, so is very suitable for cottage, house, shop, garage, etc.

Technical specifications:
'Static current: 20mA
Power: 9V-12V DC
Working temperature: -10℃~ +40℃
GSM: 900/1800MHz band
Receiving code: ASK
Frequency: 315/433MHZ
wireless distance: 100 M
wireless detectors: 16
wire detectors: 3
1 host, 1 power supply , 1 manual
For occations:
Villa, house, hospital, shop , car, school, financial office, office, Particularly suitable for elderly and child in emergency .