Wholesale Wireless Security House Alarms YL-007AS

Wholesale Wireless Security House Alarms YL-007AS

Product description:

Wireless Security House Alarms YL-007AS with flash alarm system

Model Number: YL-007AS
Wireless siren with flash alarm system :
1. Combine the alarm host and the siren with flash together .
2. Alarm sound and flare both take action to make more powerful warning on spot.
3. With the host to control other sensors .
4. Can not dial out phone number when alarming .
5. Can work with 20 wireless detectors .
6. Alarm sound: 120 db.
7. Easy to operate, arm/ disarm/ emergency help function.
8. Frequency: 315/433 MHZ.
9. Size: 12x7.2x4.5cm.
Packaging Method Packaging Dimension and Weight
1 set of YL-007AS into one gift box Host: Size (mm) : 120*75*40
24 gift boxes into one carton. Gift box: G.W. (g) : 598
Size (mm) : 220*140*70
Carton: G.W. (kg) :
Size (cm) : 46*38*37.5
1 host, 1 door sensor, 1 remote controller, 1 manua
For occations:
Villa, house, shop, Convenience store, small and medium store, hospital, school, library, bank, parking lot, computer room..