Wholesale gas Natural Gas Detector Sensor Alarm Wired Security

Wholesale gas Natural Gas Detector Sensor Alarm Wired Security

Product description:

  1. Automatic reset after alarm
  2. MCU processing adopted
  3. Dual sensor design
  4. Automatic fault detection indication
  5. Detection of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) , Manual coal gas CO.
  6. SMT process manufacturing, strong stability
Infra red Photoelectric Sensor
Warm-up time
3-5 minutes
Alarm level
10% lel of natural gas, 100PPM of CO
Alarm indicator
Corresponding red led flash
Malfunction indicator
Yellow led on & Beeper long-buzz
Alarm sound
) 70dB (within 1 minter)
Rate power
(3W (110V/ 220V AC power supply)
Working temperature
-10~50 degrees celsius
Power input
110V/ 220V DC
Air humidity
( 95%RH (without condensation)
Alarm output
NC, 28VDC 0.1A
Implementation of standards
GB4716-2005, EN54-7
0.5dB/ m (+-0.1dB/ m)
Appearance size
Installation instructions:
Different gas, Different installation location, Please Reference Guide before one installation
  1. First determine the proportion of combustible gas and air , then alarm installed within the appropriate location from the gas source radius 1.5M : A. Gas : lighter than air , floating aloft ; B. Natural gas: lighter than air , floating aloft ; C. LPG : heavier than air and accumulate in low ;
  2. After the power is turned on , the 'tick' sound the alarm , while the power light lit , functional light is flashing green, about 2 minutes later extinguished , said to have entered a state of alert , when the the induction gas leak , that issue ' tick beep ' alarm sound, while functional light is flashing red , automatically enters a state of alert after police intelligence exclusion ;
  3. Such as sensors failure alarm is issued 'Di - ' long song , function lights long bright yellow , troubleshooting , automatically enters a state of alert .
Package includes:
  • 1 * N ature gas Alarm