Wholesale Smoke Alarm LYD-604

Wholesale Smoke Alarm LYD-604

Product description:

* Photoelectric sensing technology
* Easy installation and maintenance
* Battery case at the back of a sensor for easy removal of a battery
* Sleek low-profile housing design
* Low-battery warning
* Test button verifies battery and alarm operation
* Hush Button With temporary silence function (8mins)
* Sounding a loud alarm signal of exceeding 85 dB in alarm mode
* Five-year limited warranty


* Smoke Sensitivity: 0.086 dB/ m to 0.14 dB/ m
* Power Supply: 9V Carbon Zinc/ Alkaline/ Lithium Batttery
* Battery Life: ) 12months
* Low battery life: ) 30days
* Alarm indicator: continuously emitting red light and shounder
* Alarm sound level: ) 85dB at 10 feet (3m)
* Temperature: 0℃ - 50℃
* Humidity: 10%-90%RH, no condensation or icing
* Dimensions (L x W x H) : Ø140x41 mm