Wholesale camera DVR alarm function

Wholesale camera DVR alarm function

Product description:

* can be used alone as the police probe or camera
TV - OUT output, the video signal can be directly connected to TV, monitor and video recorders, video processing equipment
315 433 all compatible, most alarm host can support the market
Low alarm automatic video, every detection can video to 10 seconds
Low support 1 - T - 32 gb Flash CARDS
Technical parameters
A quarter COMS image sensor
Effective pixels, 2 million
2.8 mm lens
The effective Angle of 70 degrees or so
Encoding MJPEG
The video resolution 720 * 480
Video playback speed of 30 frames
AVI video file format
Photo format JPG
Built-in battery 1000 mah
Charging time about 3 hours
The working voltage of 3.7 V
Charging voltage of 4.2-5 v
Working temperature < 50 degrees
The host size 105 * 60 * 45 mm
Packing size
Carton size