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Wholesale Infrared detector human body

Wholesale Infrared detector human body
  • Wholesale Infrared detector human body
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2012 new upgraded detector! Using spectral analysis, light quantum detection of cutting-edge technologies such as intelligent dual infrared detector.
Through the body of the far infrared spectra of intelligent analysis and quantitative calculation, accurate to the human body movement to call the police.
The photon detection technology is more stable, more can save electricity, more effective to prevent false positives.
1. The strong anti-interference ability and electric shock protection
2. Automatic pulse adjustment, fortification time automatically adapt to function
3. The detailed full range of temperature compensation
4. The passive infrared real-time monitoring, analysis of the microprocessor, super sensitivity, stability, away from false positives
5. Superfine power design (the machine normal working current ua 70 or less, in the pure electric power saving mode can work continuously more than one year) ,
High-performance 9 v square batteries, convenient and replace the battery in the future.
6. High performance function of white light interference, effectively prevent false positives
7. High performance mobile wireless signal interference function, makes the detection performance is more stable