Wholesale Wireless smoke detector KL-YG02

Wholesale Wireless smoke detector KL-YG02

Product description:

Wireless smoke detector/ smoke alarm/ smoke sensor (KL-YG02)

1. Wireless smoke detector
2. Smoke alarm/ some sensor
3. Operating Voltage : DC9V
4. Transmitting frequency 315-433MHZ

Power Source: 9V DC
Operating Current: 10 uA (normal) and 10-30 mA (alarm working)
Operating Temperature: -5°C - 50°C
Ambient Humidity : 10% -
Alarm volume : ≥75 dB

2, install and use:

Chooses the suitable place first. And then fix the foundation with screws. Turn the sensor on the foundation according to the color of lines. One sensor in 25~40m*m space, 0.5~2.5m above important equipment.
LAN wire mode:
Red line -12V White line-Off
Black line-Ground Green line-On
Blue line-Public
3, Work & test mode:

The alarm is working when it's on. The led twinkles once every minute. The alarm makes clear and pulse signal with sound and light while there is smoke. And output several point signal or wireless signal for gathering till the smoke is gone.

While press the test button and hold on for over 3 seconds, the alarm will make a clear and loud pulse signal. And the led twinkles frequently, the alarm give off sound like 'Di. Di.'