Wholesale Wireless panic button, emergency button

Wholesale Wireless panic button, emergency button

Product description:

Wireless panic button, emergency button, alert butto, panic alarm, 433/315 2262 for security burglar alarm

Wireless DIY type. It features panic help for 24 hours protection. Widely used for older, kid, bank, financial dept. , panic thing. . . . . etc. Easy to carry.
1) . Wireless frequency : 433MHz OR: 315MHz
2) . Working voltage: 12 V. 23A
3) . Alarm current: ≤15mA
4) . Transmitting distance : <150m, indoor :30~50m
5) . Operated condition: Temperature -10 -60c, Humidity ≤95%
6) . Weight: 0.05 kg

1) . Code preset by the manufacturer, If not, please follow the code diagram to set the same eight mater code as the main unit by hand or clamp. (e.g.: Master address code is12110220, zone code is 2122) 'H' stands for '1', 'L' stands for '2', Empty is '0') . Oscillation resistor preset.

2) . When power is too low, or remote distance is shorter, please replace the same size battery. Please open the cover to put the new battery in proper place