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Wholesale CO Detector Carbon Security detector Alarm

Wholesale CO Detector Carbon Security detector Alarm
  • Wholesale CO Detector Carbon Security detector Alarm
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Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless and tasteless poison gas that can be fatal when inhaled. CO blinds to the
hemoglobin in the blood and inhibits its capacity to carry oxygen. CO kills hundreds of people each year and
injures many more because it is difficult to be detected with the human senses.
In high concentrations, CO can kill in minutes.

2. Source of CO gas:
Inadequate ventilation, so that there is not enough oxygen for the fuel to burn properly.
An appliance not working correctly due to poor installation, lack of servicing or chimney / flue blockage.
Cracked / Rusted flues or chimneys
1. Motorola IC control, Reliable without false alarming
2. Field audio and visible alarming
3. Simple installation
4. Excellent reliability & high stability
5. Self test function
6. Durable sensor head
7. Less affected by other organic solvent
8. High Accuracy
9. Comply With: CE, EN50291

Engineering Specification:
1. Power Supply: 3*1.5V AA batteries
2. Sensor: Electrochemical CO sensor
3. Alarm Style: Per EN50291
4. Sensitivity/ Alarm Time:
Within 60~90 minutes at 50ppm CO concentration;
Within 10~40 minutes at 100ppm CO concentration;
Within 3 minutes at 300ppm CO concentration
5. LCD Displayer (optional) : 4 digits LCD displayer
6. Audibility: 85dB ( at 1m distance ) , Frequency 3±0.5KHZ
7. Led Indication / Sound Pattern:
8. Standby: Green Led flashes once every 30 seconds
9. Alarm: Red Led quickly flashes 4 times with unit chirping every 5 seconds, then repeat.
10. Low-bat Indicator:
Chirp every 30s as battery lower than 3.3V with green LED flashing and Lb on LCD
11. Mal-function Indicator: Chirp every 30s with green LED out and Err on LCD
12. Power consumption: 0.3mW
Package list:
1*carbon monoxide alarm
1*user manual