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Wholesale Wireless Infrared Detector (PIR-87R)

Wholesale Wireless Infrared Detector (PIR-87R)
  • Wholesale Wireless Infrared Detector (PIR-87R)
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Wireless Infrared Detector (PIR-87R)
Detailed Product Description
Functional features:
1-Digital circuit, adapting microprocessor
2-Opted pulse count , adjust detection sensitivity
3-wireless transmission date-singal (315MHz, 433MHz)
4-the using life of four NO. 7 battery is longer
5-adapting patch technology, resisting EMI FRI interferences
6-Trough changing lens to enforce the switchover of wide-angle and curtain
Technical parameters:
1-Operating Voltage: four NO. 7 battery
2-Static current: ≤20uA
3-Emission current: ≤25mA
4-Emission distance: ≥150m
5-Emssion frenquency: 315MHZ/ 433MHZ (opted)
6-Detection distance: 12m/ 8m (wide-angle/ curtain)
7-Detection degree: 110 degree
8-Evironment temperature: -10°C~50°C