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Simple GSM alarm ssytem with Powerfull APP feature

Simple GSM alarm ssytem with Powerfull APP feature
  • Simple GSM alarm ssytem with Powerfull APP feature
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1. GSM network support, work with APP application both on IOS and Android

2. Setting by APP and following:

3. 5 alarm call/ SMS No. +1 alarm CID call No. +1 upload SMS No. + 10S recording + Arm Delay + Alarm Delay + Alarm Beep Setting+ Call-in time setting+ Wireless Program+ Zone Attribute Setting+ User password + Program Password + Reset + Alarm History + Status History+temperature setting.

4. Use APP to check the Alarm host status as well as check the present temperature in house.

5. One relay output control (NO/ NC for optional) .Temperature control output, alarm output, APP control output for optional.

6. Wireless encode feature, support 16 wireless zones+ 4 wired zones, every defence zone can be set alarm delay separately.

7. User can modify the zone name via APP or SMS. zone name can be define by user.

8. Alarm SMS content can be revised by user .

9. Support Contact ID protocol. (Upload to CMS information including Alarm information and Arm/ disarm information) .

10. Arm Mode: Home arm mode and Away arm mode.

11. Arm or Disarm method : User can use Remote controller, APP, remote call, wireless keypad to Arm or disarm the system

12. Temperature sensor alarming feature, user can set a fixed temperature range , once the actual temperature is higher or lower than this range, SMS will be sent.

13. Support IP camera , one alarm output can interactive IP camera.

14. Support Factory resetting feature.