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1081J fire alarm light | fire sound and light alarm | fire safety alarm | warning light with fire switch

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Changdian
  • Model: 1081 + fire switch

Note: This baby with packaging about 0.5KG weight is for reference only

Note: After the photographed please specify the color and voltage, the default shipping for the bolt-type red AC 220V. If you need to order, magnet plus $ 10.

Default shipping: AC 220V, red

Color: red, yellow, blue, green, four-color optional, you can direct message!

LTE-1081 LTE-1081J LTD-1081 LTD-1081J
product manual

It is made of high quality resin and has high strength and can adapt to the harsh environment.The scientific parabolic reflector makes the light diffuse very far.Use rubber gasket, accord with the protection grade IP55, rainproof and dustproof.

Ordering specifications
model Selectable voltage Warning lamp power Speaker dB can choose Colour Package Size Qty Gross weight
LTE1081 DC12V




5W -
48 * 28 * 33cm 30pcs 8kg
LTE1081J 90dB 12kg
LTD1081 - 8kg
LTD1081J 90dB 12kg
Model Description
LTE bolt-on type Magnetic suction J with speakers

LTE type

LTD type

Product Features
Turn the lights The transmission part of the rotating lamp adopts international advanced turbine structure, low noise, no dead point, and the rotation speed of rotating lamp parts is 80-140 times / min.
Incandescent light bulb High-quality incandescent light bulbs, illumination> 800Lx, life> 1000 hours.
DC DC motor, RF500