Alarm System\Independent Smoke Detector\ Smoke Sensor

Alarm System\Independent Smoke Detector\ Smoke Sensor

Product description:

This product is a non-coding type smoke detector. When working normally, indicator light flashes one time per 9 seconds; when alarming, indicator light will be normally on, meanwhile output contact action.
•Power interrupt reset / automatic reset optional
•Non-polarity power input
•Alarm output NO / NC optional
•SMT technology, strong stability
•Metallic shield, good anti-interference (20v/ m-1GHz)
Operating voltage DC12V ~ DC30V
Working current 12mA ( Relay-NC) , 500uA (Relay- NO)
Alarm current 10mA ~ 25mA
Alarm output NC / NO optional; contact capacity: DC28V 100mA
Reset mode automatic reset / power interrupt reset optional
Alarm indicator light red, normally on when alarming
Executive standard 8. EN54-7
Sensitivity 8.0.5db/ m (±0.1db/ m)
Operating temperature -10 ℃ to +55 ℃
Relative humidity ≤ 95%, no condensation
Dimension Φ103*53mm (with base)
Carton Size 570*350*405
Packing 105 PCS/ Carton Gift Box