PIR100D 1.2V * 3 AAA 100UA PIR Outdoor Motion Detector

PIR100D 1.2V * 3 AAA 100UA PIR Outdoor Motion Detector

Product description:

1.2V * 3 AAA 100UA PIR Outdoor Motion Detector, Intrusion Alarm System With Solar Power

1. independent dual element PIR detection technology, adopts fuzzy logic digital processing technology
2. Unique full-range temperature compensation technology.
3. Intelligent solar recharge technology
4. Pure wireless transmitting structure, convenient installation
5. Super province electricity design, completely solve the power supply shortage problem
6. Built-in expansion mouth, with a variety of wireless control panel compatible
7. Pulse count optional
Power Supply
1.2V*3 AAA Ni-MH chargeable battery (Recommended
Panasonic or Sanyo battery, single battery capacitor≥800mA)
Operation power
Static: 100uA; alarm: 30mA
Installation height
Alarm lasting time
0.1-500MHz/ 3Vm
Anti white light
) 10000Lux
Operation temperature
-20°C/ +55°C
Operation humidity
Detection speed
0.2m/ s to 3.5m/ s
Tranasmission frequency
315/433 MHz for option
Tranasmission distance
≥200m (open air, no interference)
Low battery indication
When the voltage is below 3.3V, detector will send out alarm signal automatically
Temperature compensation
Hyperbola compensation structure