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2 in 1 moisture meters MS360

2 in 1 moisture meters MS360
  • 2 in 1 moisture meters MS360
  • 2 in 1 moisture meters MS360
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MS360 dual-function moisture meter is widely used in wood, paper, bamboo products, Chinese herbal medicine, construction materials, all kinds of non-metallic materials, chemicals, textiles, soil, cotton and other moisture occasion to be measured. The instrument uses advanced American Integration circuit sensor technology and advanced electronic components developed from the measurement accuracy, stable performance, is the ideal choice for the industry to detect moisture content of their products.

Product Features:

1. US imports integrated circuit technology by the temperature and humidity compensation technology, measurement accuracy, good stability.

2. Two measurement modes, measurement modes and inductive stylus measurement mode. Both modes can be switched freely.

3. By selecting different measurement code, make the measurement results more accurate. Stylus measurements and inductive measurement, have a variety of measurement code for users to choose.

4. Widescreen digital backlit LCD, even under low light conditions can also display readings clearly.

5. Measuring speed, can replace the traditional oven method, the moisture measurement time is shortened, measured 1 second readings, saving valuable time testing personnel.

6. Small size, light weight, strong anti-jamming performance, portable easy on-site rapid test.

Technical Parameters

1. Display: 4 LCD LCD display

2, Moisture measurement range: 0-80% (male)

0-99% (induction) - measuring range will vary because of different codes.

3, the measurement environment:

Temperature: -10 ℃ -60 ℃ Humidity: (90%

4, measuring principle: conductivity method, temperature compensation (needle)

High frequency electromagnetic waves (induction)

5, Accuracy: ± 0.5%

6, differentiate force: 0.1

7, Response time: 1 second

8, Power: 4 AAA batteries

9, Volume: Host 140mm * 60mm * 24mm

Handle 72mm * 40mm * 20mm